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K9 prototype in 2002, a metal ship Yuanshen No.2 carrying 134 fishermen operating in southern Taiwan coastal waters, as one of typhoons was going to strike soon, it sailed to Kaohsiung for sheltering. Half way to the destination, it lost power because of the incident of cabin fire. At that time, gale force 8 and waves surge over 6 meters, air Force and Coast Guard urgently rushed to the rescue it, as helicopters can only hang 1-2 people each time that caused slow progress in rescuing, and the Coast Guard was unable to approach it due to severe sea state by hoisting out life-save boat either. Fortunately, two civil rescue teams driving two 6-meter length RIB rushed to the scene on top of the storm and shuttle between Yuanshen No.2 and Coast Guard performing rescue task. 133 people were successfully saved in this mission and the performance of RIB finally began to draw high attention in Taiwan. In 2003, the Taiwan government officially budgeted for seeking domestic and foreign manufacturers to develop a suitable boat that can overcome heavy sea weather state and carry rescue task based on the design of RIB prototype. Among several manufacturers in this competition, K9 Rescue RIB, issued by Karmin, stood out with outstanding performance and special multi-layer floating tube design and won this order. This design obtains patents of inventions from Singapore, China, the United States and other countries from the world as well. Also, it has laid the foundation for the development Karmin RIBs ever since. K9 Rescue prototype so far is still in service, often performs rescue missions at sea in storms or severe situations, it once accomplished mission under unbearable sea state 10.

Specifications as below

  • Specification
  • Hull and deck
  • Collar
  • Console
  • Seating
  • Equipment
  • Bilge pumping
  • Electrical
  • Navigation
  • Fuel system