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During the time in 2006, for Taiwan Coast Guard to perform tasks such as coastal patrol etc., Taiwan government needed to issue the bid of specifications for 10-11 meter multifunctional boats to carry out tough mission. K110 RIB, proposed by Karmin, captured the eyes of Selection Committee and resulted in winning the contract. K110 passed all required strict tests and received excellent reviews and evaluations in its actual performance under Taiwan CR Class regulations. It also successfully gained continuous 5 year contracts in a row. In 2013, due to the light of K110 has produced and executed missions more than 7 years, updating and promoting on its performance for marketing competitiveness has become necessary. Thus, an upgraded version of K112 was born.

Specifications as Below

Hull Material: FRP with Resin Infusion Made

Length Overall: 11.7m

Length FPR hull: 10.8m

Beam Max(Inflated): 3.4m

Beam FRP Hull: 2.8m

Draft: 0.7m

Load (Max): 1500kg (Exclude Fuel)

Collar Type: Triple Layered Hybrid Collar

Personnel Capacity: 6~10

Fuel Tank: SUS316 Fuel Tanks 900 Liters