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About Karmin International CO., Ltd

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Established in 1988 as Pro Ocean Yacht and currently named as Karmin International Co., Ltd, we design and manufacture custom-made professional sport fishing crafts of various sizes ranging from small to medium. Since our incorporation, we have developed and delivered a series of models; laying the foundation of design excellence, customer satisfaction and recognition from communities of professional boaters.


On February 2003, Karmin International Co., Ltd setup its new facility in Kaohsiung to accommodate our research & development, advanced development and manufacturing of special purposes crafts. The new facility has enabled us for deployment of advanced design software, the utilization of state-of-the art composite materials technologies and equipments for a complete boat building capability which is able to align itself as one of the best in the world.

Since then, we have further developed and brought RHIBs to another platform (US patent) and have had successfully customised and launched a range of products for various government agencies for their primary and secondary mission of marine interdiction needs in their most extreme and dangerous operations.

K9 RIB prototype

In 2002, a fishing vessel "Yuanshen No.2"; carrying 134 fishermen operating in southern Taiwan coastal waters was caught in between of a typhoon. It had lost power due to fire broke out in the cabin. The sea states were gale force 8 and height of waves were over 6 meters. Both the ROC Taiwan Air Force and Coast Guard were activated. However, helicopters can only rescue 1-2 people at a time; the rescue progress was slow and at extremely high risk in consideration of such hazardous environment. The Coast Guard ships were also unable to approach the fishing vessel with its life boats on-board due to the severe sea states. Fortunately, two civilian rescue teams equipped with 2 nos. of 6-meter length Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) rushed to the scene and performed the rescue task by shuttling between Yuanshen No.2 and Coast Guard ship. Eventually, 133 people were successfully rescued in this mission.

With this daring rescue mission, the Taiwanese Authorities appreciated and recognized the the performance of RHIBs and their excellent operational capabilities in severe sea states conditions. In 2003, the Taiwan government approved a project to build a customised RHIB for rescue missions to cater the challenging Taiwan’s coastal sea states conditions. Both domestic and foreign manufacturers were invited to the tender. Among many manufacturers in this open tender competition; Karmin International Co., Ltd stood out and won the tender with its K90 Rescue RHIB proposal. The tender was won due to K90 RHIB’s outstanding sea keeping performance and patented triple layered collar design. This unique collar design has been granted patents from Singapore, China, the United States and other countries from the world as well.

The introduction of the K90 RHIB was the milestone for Karmin’s RHIBs. K90 Rescue RHIB is currently still in service after more than a decade and has performed rescue missions at the most extreme rough seas conditions.